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Deep-Change Law Firm(D.C LAWFIRM)

Deep-Change Law Firm is a professional law firm, founded by Mr. Gang-Zu Yang (Bunny LawyerAttorney Bunny). The site is located in essence of the lot in North Kaohsiung,which is at the intersection of Minghua 1st Rd.and Jhengsin St.


The Law Firm not only specializes in contentious matters, but also in real estate cases including land, pre-sale of house and property right, inheritance such as helping design the taxation planning,and insurance claims.We are proud to provide legal advisory services, appointment and action.We dedicate our professional,careful and patient legal services to meet the needs and rights of our clients.



  1. Civil law including real estate contract, inheritance, consumer protection,employment disputes
  2. Criminal law such as damages for traffic accident, mediations, litigation,criminal capacity
  3. Administrative remedies among petition and administrative litigation
  4. Medical malpractice disputes,medical law and medical action
  5. Taxation law and administrative remedies for tax disputes
  6. Examination of non-contentious contracts about shipping
  7. Administrative remedies for labor insurance and health insurance
  8. Protection of securities and futures transaction
  9. Examination of transnational business contract
  10. General legal consultation of the China region